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  • Thursday - April, 23, 2015

    Dalmatia The Heart Of Adriatic

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    Please look at this beautiful film about Dalmatia The Heart of Adriatic

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    Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board (Organization and Production) and Dream Division (Film production)

  • Tuesday - February, 10, 2015

    Four Reasons to Visit Split

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    Our city is absolutely perfect for us :)
    Four Reasons to Visit Split? All tekst you can read here LikeCroatia

  • Donkey is still symbol of the Dalmatian region.
    Today you can meet them in Ethno villages but for the centuries these very smart and stubborn animals helped people in everyday work.
    Donkey is the mascot of ILIJADA, because we believe only hard work gives results and we loves donkeys very much of course.

    On this film you can see International donkey race in Island of Murter:

  • Monday - February, 09, 2015

    Happy finger

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    Happy finger
    In Split, we believe, that big finger in the left foot of bishop Grgur is happy. Whatever we plans to do (pass exam, get married, divorced, ect) we go first to touch his finger :-)

    Bishop Grgur, before church reform, fought for holy mass to be conducted in an old Slovenian language.
    The sculpture of Grgur was made by Ivan Mestrovic – the most famous Croatian sculptor and a very good friend of Rodin.
    When you are in Split – you can visit his house, it is only a 15 minute walk from Diocletian’s Palace. You can also visit his studio in Zagreb.

    So Split has one of the happy places in the world!

    The author of the statue was Ivan Mestrovic. His home today is the gallery of his sculptures. I recommend you to see this incredible place.

  • Croatia – most often we smile and say yes, I go there every year.I also smile at the sound of this word because Croatia is my home. History, culture, sights, local customs and the Croatian cuisine – this is a part of my life.

    This unique land, where the sea and mountains create a unique landscape, exerts a lasting impression in almost all guests who visit it. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, summers in here are very warm, and winters exceptionally mild. We also like the local cuisine. And it is through the stomach we find a way to your hearts. We believe that wine and regional cuisine is the best way to learn about the local culture.

    Fish and seafood straight from the Adriatic Sea
    Croatia is full of various flavours. Regardless of which part of it you visit, you will find delicacies characteristic only of this country. The contemporary Croatian cuisine is inspired both by tradition and modernity. The Adriatic Coast guarantees delicious, fresh fish and seafood, and using them, local chefs can conjure amazing delicacies. To have additional fun, one should try eating fish using only hands … it tastes better this way … and olive oil with garlic can only highlight their flavour ….

    Meat that smells of wind
    Thin slices of pršut, dark red and smelling of wind, go perfectly with a glass of red wine and fresh traditional bread. It is also obligatory to try the real Slavonian kulen, which is made using the best pieces of meat and much red pepper. Enthusiasts of meat should also try traditional dishes ispod peke, as well as Dalmatian lamb and typical pašticada with gnocchi.

    Sheep cheese and royal truff les
    Lovers of cheese will find here true yellow treasures. Local sheep eat grass full of herbs and thus give high-quality milk, which is used to produce wonderful cheeses. In Croatia, there are also royal truffles. Enthusiasts of unique flavours will find them in Istria, where they are used to make fabulous dishes. One necessarily has to
    taste fuži with truffles.

    Ice cream for gourmands
    Lovers of sweets, in turn, are advised to try ice cream in many unusual flavours. Unique cream puffs from Samobor are also noteworthy… Be sure to also try the Rab cake – almonds and lemon zest… delicious. The Dalmatian cuisine is primarily fresh fish, herbs and ubiquitous olive oil. It includes also rich flavour of excellent red wines. All these ingredients make up the Mediterranean diet, entered in December 2013 into the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    Cooking classes in the nature
    Nothing revives memories of past holidays better than taste of the dishes we tasted while on a trip. We invite you to cooking classes in the nature. We will teach you to cook traditional Croatian dishes using fruits and vegetables which you will pick by yourselves or purchase at the market. Culinary workshops are also a great way to relax, and local chefs are happy to share their knowledge with the participants. There are several reasons for the growing popularity of culinary tourism – cookery programs on TV, fashion for a healthy lifestyle, or even the book “Eat, Pray, Love”. For a growing number of our countrymen, a good meal becomes the destination, not just a nice addition
    to it. Therefore, culinary trips to Croatia are becoming a good way to discover anew this popular country, this time organoleptically.

    Puszczewicz A., Croatia – richness of flavours and aromas, Magazyn Świat, february 2014, p. 66-69.